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Congratulations to Prof. Shiguang Shan for winning the XPLORER PRIZE !

Date of publication:2019-09-19      Number of clicks: 169

The XPLORER PRIZE Committee announced the winners of 2019 on September 20. Prof. Shiguang Shan won the prize! Congratulations!


The XPLORER PRIZE is initiated by Ma Huateng, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tencent and founder of the Tencent Foundation, and Professor Rao Yi of Peking University in cooperation with well-known scientists such as Chen Ning Yang, Mao Shude, He Huawu, Wu Hequan, Li Peigen, Chen Shiyi, Zhang Yitang, Shi Yigong, Gao Wen, Xie Kechang, Cheng Taining, Xie Xiaoliang and Pan Jianwei. Initial funding for the award is provided by Tencent Foundation. The "XPLORER PRIZE" is a non-governmental and public interest award for young scientists and technicians aged 45 and below who are working full-time on the Chinese mainland. This year, 1335 potential candicates applied for this prize, of which only 50 of them finally won this award (Prize winning ratio is roughly 1:25). In the information technology and electronics community, there are only 6 winners, including 2 from ICT, 2 from THU, 2 from PKU. Every winner will receive 3,000,000 RMB reward from Tecent Fundings in the next 5 years. The winners’ list is shown below.

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