A Survey on Food Computing

Weiqing Min, Shuqiang Jiang, Linhu Liu, Yong Rui, Ramesh Jain
(ACM Computing Surveys(CSUR))
(Accepted 2019)


Food is very essential for human life and it is fundamental to the human experience. Food-related study may support multifarious applications and services, such as guiding the human behavior, improving the human health and understanding the culinary culture. With the rapid development of social networks, mobile networks, and Internet of Things (IoT), people commonly upload, share, and record food images, recipes, cooking videos, and food diaries, leading to large-scale food data. Large-scale food data offers rich knowledge about food and can help tackle many central issues of human society. Therefore, it is time to group several disparate issues related to food computing. Food computing acquires and analyzes heterogenous food data from different sources for perception, recognition, retrieval, recommendation, and monitoring of food. In food computing, computational approaches are applied to address food related issues in medicine, biology, gastronomy and agronomy. Both large-scale food data and recent breakthroughs in computer science are transforming the way we analyze food data. Therefore, a series of works have been conducted in the food area, targeting different food-oriented tasks and applications. However, there are very few systematic reviews, which shape this area well and provide a comprehensive and in-depth summary of current efforts or detail open problems in this area. In this paper, we formalize food computing and present such a comprehensive overview of various emerging concepts, methods, and tasks. We summarize key challenges and future directions ahead for food computing. This is the first comprehensive survey that targets the study of computing technology for the food area and also offers a collection of research studies and technologies to benefit researchers and practitioners working in different food-related fields.

  • Weiqing Min,Shuqiang Jiang, Linhu Liu,Yong Rui and Ramesh Jain "A Survey on Food Computing," ACM Comput. Surv. 52, 5, Article 92 (September 2019), 36 pages