Attribute-Guided Feature Learning for Few-Shot Image Recognition

Yaohui Zhu, Weiqing Min, Shuqiang Jiang
(IEEE Transactions on Multimedia 2020)



Few-shot image recognition has become an essential problem in the field of machine learning and image recognition, and has attracted more and more research attention. Typically, most few-shot image recognition methods are trained across tasks. However, these methods are apt to learn an embedding network for discriminative representations of training categories, and thus could not distinguish well for novel categories. To establish connections between training and novel categories, we use attribute-related representations for few-shot image recognition and propose an attribute-guided two-layer learning framework, which is capable of learning general feature representations. Specifically, few-shot image recognition trained over tasks and attribute learning trained over images share the same network in a multi-task learning framework. In this way, few-shot image recognition learns feature representations guided by attributes, and is thus less sensitive to novel categories compared with feature representations only using category supervision. Meanwhile, the multi-layer features associated with attributes are aligned with category learning on multiple levels respectively. Therefore we establish a two-layer learning mechanism guided by attributes to capture more discriminative representations, which are complementary compared with a single-layer learning mechanism. Experimental results on CUB-200, AWA and Mini- ImageNet datasets demonstrate our method effectively improves the performance.

  • Yaohui Zhu, Weiqing Min, Shuqiang Jiang. “Attribute-Guided Feature Learning for Few-Shot Image Recognition”, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (TMM), 2020.