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About Kinect Sign Language Working Group


An estimated 360 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss. Because the majority of hearing individuals do not understand sign language, communication between the hearing and the deaf can be challenging. While other communication methods exist, researchers hope to make translation even easier with a cost-effective, efficient prototype that translates sign language into spoken language — and spoken language into sign language — in real time.

Starting in February 2012, Microsoft Research began collaboration on the Kinect Sign Language Project with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Beijing Union University. Kinect's Sign Language Translator can help the hearing and the deaf communicate, since the technology can not only turn sign language into words spoken by a computer in real time, but also do the reverse.


We aspire to collaborate with more experts in the field to promote the research of Kinect Sign Language. You can share data and algorithms with others through our working group.

To connect all related experts in the field, we are always keen to welcome new memberships; whether individuals, national organizations or international organizations.

Working Group

The working group is a collaboration between Microsoft Research Asia, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Union University.

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