【Invited Talk】 Dr. Yang Fei at Facebook Visited VIPL on May 21

Time: May 20, 2018

Title:Computer Vision Application on Cloud Platform and Mobile Terminal

Time:16: 00~18: 00 on May 21

Venue:Lecture Hall on the fourth floor in ICT


In recent years, depth learning has promoted the rapid development of computer vision technology and its wide application in industry. In this report, we would introduce several works of computer vision in Facebook Applied machine-learning department, including image understanding, behavior recognition, and efficient CNN-based model for mobile. We\'ll discuss some of the challenges encountered in product applications, as well as some practical lessons learned.

Brief introduction of the speaker

Yang Fei obtained his B.E degree from the key Laboratory of Intelligent Information processing, Institute of Computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Ph.D. degree from University of New Jersey, USA. He worked as an intern in Adobe laboratory and Baer laboratory during his Ph.D., and joined Facebook as a research scientist after graduation in 2013. He has published more than 20 papers in SIGGRAPH, CVPR and other conferences and journals, and obtained many patents. At Facebook, He developed a massive image-recognition backend service that recognizes billions of images a day. As Tech lead, he and his team have developed a number of computer vision technologies on mobile phones and integrated them into multiple products.